Monthly Socio-Economic Analysis 

September, 2023 

Rehmonnya Institute For Civic Engagement (RICE)

A southeast Asia country, (Myanmar formerly known as Burma), still leads a Failed State with various and several collapses following the 2021 coup. Internal instability and intense armed clashes persist throughout the nation, showing no signs of improvement despite nearly three years passing since the coup. Extreme armed conflict and internal instability have led to economic and social collapses such as education and health care. The rule of law has completely crumbled, leading to deteriorating safety and security conditions for the people, with incidents of theft, violence, robberies, and murder significantly higher than before .

The armed clashes between the Ethnic Armed Resistance (EROs), spring revolutionary forces, and the Military regime have intensified, with daily increases in arson attacks and heavy artillery targeting villages, homes, and civilians. Since seizing power, the junta has imprisoned tens of thousands and killed thousands of Myanmar citizens. According to Nyan Lynn Thit Analytica, which monitors Junta atrocities, more than 600 civilians were killed in Junta airstrikes across Myanmar between 2021 and 2023 April. The majority of these airstrikes occurred in the Sagaing region and Karen, Kachin, Chin, Kayah, and Shan States. Shockingly, over 414 children have been killed by the junta since the 2021 military coup, with 67 percent being male and 31 percent female, primarily in the Sagaing region.

Furthermore, the legislative, executive, and judicial branches have collapsed due to the intensification of armed clashes and internal instability. The economic, social welfare, education, and healthcare systems have deteriorated significantly and are far from being accessible to everyone. The situation has worsened due to excessive armed conflicts in various parts of the country, resulting in over 4,100 innocent lives lost and an increase in the number of internally displaced persons to 1.59 million. Unlawful killings, human rights violations, and war crimes continue to rise. These dire consequences are a direct result of the military’s feudal political spirit, leaving Myanmar in a state of darkness with no positive progress in sight.

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