Monthly Socio- Economic for February (2023)


Monthly Socio-Economic Analysis for February (2023) 

Rehmonnya Institute For Civic Engagement (RICE)


Political Situation 

The country (Myanmar) was destroyed from all sides and has suffered a terrible collapse, the public has paid an awful toll after the military rule returned to rule the country on February 1, 2021. Decade-long democratic rights that have flourished also disappeared in an instant. The armed resistance forces emerged across the country and armed clashes intensified. The human rights violations and persecution are similar to the situation of the previous military regime. Even, though the coup has been arriving for 2 years, the country is still in a state of collapse rather than progress. 2022 can be said a year that internal peace is lost due to extreme armed conflicts. Now (in 2023) there is no prospect of the country becoming stable and peaceful, and the armed conflicts will become more intense and there will be bloodier and death. Among the heavy conflict, the public is becoming a hostage.

 Armed conflicts are still raging in different parts of the country. Some divisions and states include the Sagaing division, Magwe division, Tarnintharyi division, Chin, Kayar, Karen, and some parts of Mon states were declared martial law on February 2, 2023. The military has announced a strict rule on traveling and transporting in places where martial law has been declared. At the same time, human rights violations have increased.   As a consequence of Martial law, the public has faced different kinds of hardship including in their livelihood and routine work amid the difficulties and crisis.  

In addition, due to the severe consequences of the military coup, the market economic system has been damaged, the financial inflation problems, the high price problem of goods and services, and the unemployment rate are felt by the grassroots people. On the other hand, the social (education and health) sectors have still been deteriorating like other sectors for almost two years. The education and healthcare sectors are still far from a system that is accessible to everyone.  Additionally, the rule of law has completely collapsed and reached zero level due to the impact of the coup. People’s safety and security conditions are getting worse and theft, rough rides, robberies, and murders cases are significantly higher than before.

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