Monthly Socio- Economic Analysis (January 2023)


Monthly Socio-Economic Analysis for January (2023) 

Rehmonnya Institute For Civic Engagement (RICE)

Political Situation 

The country (Myanmar) has suffered a horrible collapse and the public has paid a terrible toll after the Burmese military seized power from an elected government and the military rule returned to rule the country on February 1, 2021. The civil war has become widespread across the country and as all side collapses, the country is still lagging to this day not only among Asian countries but also around the world. Then, it is still in a state of deteriorating even though the coup has been more than 2 years. In addition, it can be said 2023 is the year of extreme armed conflicts across the country. As the armed clashes have intensified in various parts of the country, the number of refugees fleeing the war has reached more than (1912769). The people are suffering from all kinds of hardships and Basic rights and Democracy rights have reached a state of destruction. And Human Rights violations are increasing day by day. The military junta and some revolutionary forces continue to commit human rights and act against military patriotism.

At the same time, armed conflicts are raging in different parts of the country, the military council is trying hard to hold an election. The election can be said to be an opportunity for the legitimacy of the military council and political existence. But the question is whether will it be the least bloody way to resolve current Myanmar’s political crisis. On the other hand, the revolutionary forces are using diverse methods to block an election which is the political existence of the Military council. Among risky conflicts, innocent people have to leave their precious property and home and lives as a refugee.

In addition, due to the severe consequences of the military coup, the market economic system has been damaged, the financial inflation problems, the high price problem of goods and services, and the unemployment rate are felt by the grassroots people. On the other hand, the social (education and health) sectors have still been deteriorating like other sectors for almost two years. The education and healthcare sectors are still far from a system that is accessible to everyone.  Additionally, the rule of law has completely collapsed and reached zero level due to the impact of the coup. People’s safety and security conditions are getting worse and theft, rough rides, robberies, and murders cases are significantly higher than before.


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