Monthly Socio- Economic Analysis ( September)




Monthly Socio-Economic Analysis for September

Rehmonnya Institute For Civic Engagement (RICE)



Political Situation 

The armed conflicts across the country (Myanmar) are becoming widespread every day after the Burmese military (known as Tatmadaw) seized the power of the country from the elected democratic government in 2021. All the sectors have been deteriorating with the country instability due to the political problem, which was solved with extreme violence actions by the military junta.  The military junta usually claims that it is important to restore peace of the country, but on the contrary, the regime rejects five points  consensus of ARSEAN,  United Nation (UN) and International community’s proposal that end violence, and still does more cruel terrorism acts and continues to commit atrocities, including arbitrary torture and killings of civilians, burning people alive, massacres, using civilians detainees as human shields, artillery and aerial bombing on civilians areas, looting and burning houses and acts of sexual violence across the country. Though the coup has been over a year, the country does not seem to get improved. The economic, social and other important sectors have still been collapsing and armed conflict are getting growth.   As the consequences of the long civil war and armed conflict, the country (Myanmar) are still sinks into the poverty pit. 

In addition, a decade long Myanmar economic development has dramatically turned to be collapsed after the coup due to the central bank of Myanmar mis-guiding statement and the military’s regime over controlled on the dollar and currency exchanges. As the consequences of it, the ordinary people are facing in daily survival, the problem of commodity prices rise up, the inflation crisis and the widespread unemployment crisis. Amid the armed conflict and political tensions, innocent civilians have been facing hardships in terms of security, social activities and economic.  

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