Monthly Socio – Economic Analysis ( July – Intake)


Monthly Socio-Economic Analysis for July

Rehmonnya Institute For Civic Engagement (RICE)


Political Situation 

It may take many decades-long for Myanmar (recently known as Burma), to get out of the multi-layered conflicts. Even though the Burmese military (also known as Tatmadaw) under the name of the State Administrative Council (SAC), has been taking power for over a year, the armed conflict all over Myanmar does not seems getting declined. The speed of revolutionary forces’ fighting against the military junta is still strong.  After the military seized the political power of the country, the revolutionary forces in almost areas, states, and regions like Chin, Kachin, Karenni, Karen, and Sagaing are getting bigger and stronger with territorial controls and even led to install a public administration under their command.   As a consequence of the long civil war and the armed conflict, the country (Myanmar) still sinks into the poverty pit.

 After a military coup, the regime does more cruel acts of terrorism and persecution innocent people in the conflict areas. Furthermore, innocent people are suffering oppression daily. As the consequences of armed conflicts, a heart broken news and a sad moment have been seen on social media every day. After the military coup, the number of civilians killed rapidly increase as the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) rises up to (783,400) people.  Likewise, some people’s defense forces (PDFs) have also been performing various kinds of oppression and have killed innocent people by the accusation of informers (dalan) and bomb blasts in public spaces by violating human rights principles and war laws. Amid the armed conflict and political tensions, innocent civilian has been facing hardships in terms of security, social activities, and economics.

 In addition, Myanmar is leading to be failed State because of impoverishment in all business sectors. After the military coup, fundamental principles of State-building or the three state powers known as “Executive, legislative and Judicial” have been unstable and corrupted under SAC. And the military Junta tries to hide out their deteriorated administration and claimed that they are attempting to improve the country into a normal situation.   On the other hand, the economic, social, and other important sectors collapsed due to the consequences of the military coup. Then, the economic development is getting slow down, the inflation rate leads to (12.63) percent increase and the unemployment rate rises up to (1.79) percent.   Ordinary people have been suffering from massive hardships such as joblessness and poverty. Overall looking on over a year of the military coup, the Junta still cannot handle all the difficulties and keep the country peaceful.


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