RICE (Rehmonnya Institute of Civic Engagement)


Unity in diversity among all ethnic people living in peace and harmony

Aim of the Mon Think Tank Group and Institute is:

Mon and other ethnic academics’ support for public participation in Burma/Myanmar’s democratization, peace-building and establishment of future Federal Union.

Objectives of the Mon Think Tanks Group and the Institute are:

  1. Research and study on the public policies on good governance and support to publics and law-makers
  2. Provide civic education and other professional development concepts to general public to become active citizens in contributing democratization and peace-building
  3. Research thematic issues, on State Constitution to formation of Federal Union, peace-building and nation-building, and supports these concepts toward policy and law-makers and general publics.
  4. Conduct research on the political, social and economic issues of emergence and support information to policy makers and general public



CONTACT US: rehmonnyainstitute@gmail.com

Tel: 66 (+061) 489 3435


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